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Welcome to AHHAI

A place for Healing, Coaching and Courses

The true healer is already within us, the divine spark —

Our higher self can only fullfill its purpose when we realize our connection to the divine conciousness, the universal message that is the core of all philosophy and religions since the dawn of the time regardless what names we give it, who we are, where we live and what we do...

The power hungry Ego (still a part of all of us) is constantly trying to guide us away from our true purpose in life and the divine balance within us so we start to express this with ever increasing manifestations of duality - wonderful described in the principles of Ying and Yang - in order to keep the natural balance of all.

The greater the disconnection of our Ego with our higher self and the universal conciousness - the stronger the effect it will have in our present life and on all levels: body-mind-spirit

Although I do not have answers for the majority of questions in life I decided to start looking for my own higher self and purpose and help everyone who is crossing my path to become aware of this universal connection of all...

Most people look only outside of themselves for answers and solutions and especially in our modern times the solutions must be fast, cheap and simple or the opposite.

Since we have no choice than to go with the flow of life I always try my best to help people finding solutions that fit into this modern lifestyle and I do this with a holistic approach emphasising self help as the core of our path to health...

My goal: To coach people to better health connecting the knowledge of conventional medicine, complementary alternative medicine (CAM), traditional medicines (TCM and others) and healing.

I do this by guiding people to a tailormade approach working on the physical body as well as on the non-physical side sometimes both at the same time..,and if possible: fast, affordable and simple!

As a down to earth person with plenty of experience on the socalled mystical side of life I encourage people to be open minded but not to the extend that their brain falls out...

If my thoughts made you curious then explore this website a little bit more and visit me for a personal consultation or any of my courses...

Details about me and my background in healing and CAM you find here:

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AHHAI is connecting and combining the knowledge and skills from different affiliate Health Coaches (Alternative Medical Pratitioners, Healers and Medical Professionals) who cooperate with us personally as well as offering their own services.

AHHAI Friends, advisors and coaches:

Thomas Zudrell MD(AM)