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Healing / Wellness

If you are looking for wellbeing and healing I would be happy to help you...

My main tools are:

All techniques I use are for the purpose of wellbeing and healing to help the inner healer on its way to a better balance and are not a replacement for any medical treatment or any other therapy.

If you suffer from any health condition it is advised that you consult your doctor first.

I do not diagnose or treat any sickness.

All services are part of a personal coaching towards better health and it is important that you understand that you are the one responsible for your decisions and actions and all advices I give shall only be seen as guidance and help to make these personal decisions...

Although I am a qualified Health-Coach through numerous trainings in different therapeutic fields and as Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicines) under the Indian Board of alternative Medicines I do not work as Medical Professional treating only symptoms, but practice as consultant and healer for the holistic benefit of my clients.

Hundreds of students (Doctors, Therapists and Sufferers) that I trained wolrdwide in the last years, as well as thousands of clients looking for help which I was allowed to treat and coach, are a valued source of experience that I continue to use with confidence to help my clients on their path of healing.

In personal intensive Coaching Sessions you learn what you can do for yourself and I take all necessary time to explain you everything that you missed or did not understand in all the past appointments with health care providers that had only very limited time for you. A best possible understanding of the own health condition from a holistic point of view however is absolutely disireable!

If you are ready to take destiny again in your own hands then I am the right partner for you!

Make your appointment now for a personal Health-Coaching session (also through distant coaching, i.e. E-mail, skype, telephone possible)